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Wine Review

Domaine des Remizières Crozes-Hermitage Cuvée Christophe

Le Papillon Vinimport, 160,00 kr.

Total points: 89 out of 100.
Reviewed by "ABH"

Additional information
Wine type:Red Wine
The wine is from:France
Alcohol percentage:14,00%
Wine merchant:Le Papillon Vinimport
Price in Danish Kroner:160,00 kr.
Wine was bought the:14-01-2006
The wine was reviewed the:01-04-2006
The wine is from vintage:2003
The wine is from the region:Rhône
The wine has the classification:AOC Crozes-Hermitage
The wine was produced by:Domaine de Remizières

Starting Points:40 
General colour and appearance:4 
Aroma, scent and bouquet:13 
Intensity, balance, purity, depth, potential for further storage:9 
Price points:0 
Total points:89 

"ABH" has described the wine in the following way
Blæksort farve med lilla kant. Masser af farve. Meget fad i duften, røget og syrahagtig. Virkelig flot og intens. Smagen er fyldig og krydret, stærkt pebret og mynteagtig. Vildt intens. Meget fad og pebret syre. Flot og krydret. The review was done in the language dk