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Wine Review

Trinity Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon

Føtex, 62,50 kr.

Total points: 84 out of 100.
Reviewed by "frederik"

Additional information
Wine type:Red Wine
The wine is from:U.S.A.
Alcohol percentage:12,50%
Grapes:Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine merchant:Føtex
Price in Danish Kroner:62,50 kr.
Wine was bought the:14-09-2001
The wine was reviewed the:29-09-2001
The wine is from vintage:1998
The wine is from the region:California / Californien
The wine was produced by:Trinity Oaks

Starting Points:40 
General colour and appearance:4 
Aroma, scent and bouquet:10 
Intensity, balance, purity, depth, potential for further storage:6 
Price points:3 
Total points:84 

"frederik" has described the wine in the following way
Tja... The review was done in the language dk